The A.I. NAVIGATOR is attached to the outside of the water meter.  There is no water shut-off required. The devise is then calibrated to mirror the meter rotations and/or magnetic pulses created by water usage.

Real Time Data Collection

The A.I. NAVIGATOR captures the water usage data in real time and transmits to a centralized dashboard interface where it is stored for future reporting purposes.

Analytical Reporting Capabilities

This user friendly dashboard offers a wide variety of built-in reports, enabling clients to analyze customized data ranges and other measurable thresholds.

The A.I. Navigator is a proprietary ultrasonic monitoring device, that captures water consumption data in real time, and transmits it to the industry’s most intuitive cloud based Water Management System on the market today. This system provides users with advanced analytics, and actionable consumption intelligence that includes 24/7 leak detection with automatic text & emailed alert notifications. 

Water Consumption Management
Our Water Management System is a robust software platform that provides real time monitoring, comprehensive analytics, and intuitive leak detection with automated alert notifications.  This fully customizable system enables end users to closely manage, monitor and control water usage.  Our user-friendly dashboards are can be  programmed to track a single facility, or accommodate those with multiple city, state, regional or national locations.  This software system provide unmatched transparency to those interested in tracking consumption demands, and identifying opportunities to conserve water usage.     

Intuitive Leak Detection
The system is programmed with a property's normal water consumption parameters. These include hourly and daily consumption ranges, and hours of operation.  The A.I. Navigator will intuitively recognize leaks, water that is running at times when no water should be.  Automatic alert notifications are immediately sent to key personnel.  

Property Hazard Insurance Discounts
Most policies cover damage that is deemed to be “sudden and internal.”  That includes damages from pipe bursts, faulty or frozen plumbing and accidental overflow of an appliances or fixtures.  As a result, many insurance carrier's will offer lower insurance premiums to those who have reliable monitoring and leak detection systems in place. 

Cooling Tower Sewer Credits
A portion of the make up water that enters a cooling tower, is dissipated through spray drift and evaporation. This results in less water being returned to the blow down line and into the sewer system. Currently, the the utility is billing the total  volume of make up water intake at full water & sewer rates.  The A.I. Navigator can used to successfully used to measure, monitor and document the difference between the make up intake make and returning blow down.  In most municipalities, this detailed information can be successfully used to apply for, and receive lucrative sewer credits.