Bi-Polar Ionization constantly emits negative and positive Ions into the air of your business facility.

These negative and positive Ions are like little pac-men that will eat and destroy 99.7% of the Viruses and Bacteria in your air including Covid 19 and the Delta Variant. In addition they will kill the Viruses and Bacteria on your surfaces, walls, and ceilings.

These systems will also eliminate odors such as cigarette smoke and many other offensive odors.

"The Varionix system uses this bipolar ionization technology by adding tubes to an existing air handling system or adding a standalone unit" says Jukka Matikka, CEO of Airionex. "These tubes simultaneously generate positive and negative ions that destroy the surface protein molecules of a virus, including the Novel Coronavirus, Covid 19 and Delta Variant. The ions do this by taking hydrogen molecules from the surface protein and changing them into water, rendering them harmless. At the same time, ions also cleanse the air of dust, mold, and other allergens, as well as odors and harmful chemicals. Additionally, because the Varionix system reduces the need to bring in outside air for freshness, energy costs for heating and air conditioning are reduced up to 50%.

Bipolar ionization systems are ideal for healthcare facilities, airports, hotels, restaurants, schools, offices, and other high traffic areas where the spread of any infectious disease is a concern. They also improve air quality in many manufacturing businesses where the presence of high amounts of VOC's (volatile organic compounds) and odors is common.