Guestroom energy management systems will reduce your heating and air conditioning usage by 30%-45% by detecting when a room is unoccupied and establishes a customized setback temperature for both heating and cooling.  When the room is occupied again, heating and cooling temperatures are reset to the original settings. Users will extend the lifecycle of heating and air conditioning units by 30% - 45%, lower your carbon footprint and convert to a greener property. The Telkonet guestroom energy management system is compatible with PTACS, Heat Pumps, Split Systems, and 2 and 4 pipe Systems.  

Our EcoSmart platform is based on four distinct pillars:

  1. The EcoSmart suite of IoT products-connected devices: smart thermostats, occupancy sensors, door contacts, outlets, light switches and more.
  1. EcoCentral - Our cloud-based EMS dashboard, which collects and stores data, analyzes that data and produces actionable reports.
  1. EcoSmart Mobile – Our smart device app that occupants and residents can use for in-room control of room temperature, lighting and more.
  1. EcoCare - Our service and support subscription offers customer support, cloud-based equipment monitoring and firmware upgrades to keep your EcoSmart system operating at maximum efficiency. Telkonet will develop a unique EcoCare plan that complements every property’s budget and staff capabilities to assure peace of mind that your property is running optimally and efficiently.