Guestroom Energy Management Systems will reduce your heating and air conditioning usage by 30%-45% and the electrical costs of heating and cooling your guestrooms 30%-45% by detecting when a room is unoccupied and establishes a customized setback temperature for both heating and cooling. When the room is occupied again, heating and cooling temperatures are reset to the original settings. Guestroom Energy Management Systems will extend the lifecycle of the heating and air conditioning units by 30% - 45%, lower your carbon footprint, and become a Greener Property. The Verdant guestroom energy management system is compatible with PTACS, Heat Pumps, Split Systems, and 2 and 4 pipe Systems.  

The optional On-Line Connection Kit will allow you to manage the system from any connected device. You can view occupancy status, temperatures of the guestrooms, make changes to the setback temperatures, troubleshoot any problems and determine whether it's the guestroom energy management system or the heating and air conditioning unit and in most instances, rectify the problem on-line.