The Water Pilot is an NSF 61 certified device made from medical grade 316L stainless steel. Use of our precision engineered flow system will improve your water meters accuracy and limit over consumption of water.

Your water meter tracks usage through an internal paddle or similar device. The meter measures the volume of air and water that passes through it. 99% of water meters cannot tell the difference between water and air. Utility meters measure the total volume, you are being charged for any volume of air in your lines as if it were water.

The Water Pilot is installed in the water service line on the customer’s side of the water meter. Its proprietary technology maintains constant variable resistance back pressure on the supply side of the water meter which creates a solid core of pressurized water from the water meter to the Water Pilot. When air bubbles hit the pressure point at the water meter they are compressed and pass through the water meter with no air volume. This stops the meter from measuring the air in your line and eliminates excess spinning of the meter caused by lower resistance when air is present.  The result, lower water bills due to more accurate measurement of the amount of water passing through your water meter.  The Water Pilot is a simple, extremely effective and efficient solution. The Water Pilot eliminates the problems that cause you to be billed for more water than you consume and use more water than you need or want to use.

The Water Pilot keeps your incoming water pressure at the optimum level. As a result you will experience fewer repairs and longer life throughout your entire plumbing system including: faucets, fixtures, and piping. Pressure surges and drops are eliminated. The system eliminates pressure fluctuations that cause over-spinning of the water meter. Pressure fluctuations result in inaccurate measurement.  End users, for example hotel guests, will not experience any noticeable change in water pressure. You will also benefit from a reduction in hot water heating expense.