Lowers Utility Bills By 10-15% Reduction

This proprietary retrofit utilizes a patented Electro-Magnetic Induction (EMI) system, to generate "Real" usable wattage within a facility.  This retrofit reduces the KW demands calls from the utility, improves power factors, and more efficiently distribute incoming power.  Typical monthly utility bill savings are between 10-15%.

This device is installed directly into the electrical panel, which enables it to provide a building-wide surge protection. Our three phase shunt system also captures and recycles any harmonic distortions and/or abnormalities, and suppress transient energy surges within the power supply.

Sound Too Good To Be True?

   We Can Pilot Test It At Your Facility  (at no charge!)

General Services Administration (GSA) Certified Technology

Over the last 10 years, this product has been successfully installed in some very high profile government faculties.  This is patented technology that has further been tested, validated and certified by Underwriters Laboratories [UL].

       Government Facilities

  • Department of Homeland Security • The White House • U.S. Corps of Engineers • U.S. Marine Corps • U.S. Naval Academy • GSA Heating Operation & Transmission Dist. Washington, DC • Federal Courthouses • U.S. Postal Services • Town of Waterford • CT State of Connecticut

          Private Sector

  • The Washington Post • Case Western University • University of Ottawa, CN • Reebok • Bristol Myers • General Foods • Pepsi-Cola Bottling • Jamestown School District • JC Penney • Marriott • Sacramento Container Corp.

Measurement & Verification Process

Our installations include a Timed Interval Sampling (a Department of Energy methodology) which validates performance in a dynamic electrical environment. Once the installation is completed, our electrician will connect an electrical data logger to the incoming power source, and turn this device on/off at specifically timed intervals.

The image provided, is an example of the instantaneous drop in KW demands. What would a 10% drop in KW demands mean to your bottom line?    

Magnetic Phase Balancing of voltage and current to safely reduce waste, demand, friction and heat in loads

Passive Resonance-Free Power Factor Correction to reduce the demand of reactive non-power currents

Harmonic Filtering of non-power currents to reduce the billed kWh consumption and improve power quality

Transient Energy Conversion through the surge protections self-healing magnetic chokes – energy above the operational voltage is absorbed, re-constituted, and returned to the customer as usable safe power.