Did you know that 99% of all water meters can’t tell the difference between water and air in the water service line that causes overcharging of your water readings?  The Water Pilot valve will reduce your water bill 15-25% or more.

The Water Pilot (Made in the USA) is a proprietary valve retrofit that can lower water consumption without any noticeable loss in pressure.  It is installed on the customer side of the water meter to reduce the total volume of water being consumed.

The Water Pilot is designed to eliminate entrained air / turbulence in the water lines and stabilize & regulate static / dynamic pressure fluctuation from pressure drops & surges that can cause water meter over counting. This patent pending technology will help create a solid core of water for more accurate meter readings.

The Water Pilot is legal to install on the customer side of the water meter, after the back-flow preventer (if one is present). The installations are done in conjunction with all applicable laws, codes and standard plumbing practice in your area.  No special permits or permission should be necessary.

The Water Pilot is constructed of extremely strong, medical grade 316L stainless steel and is in compliance with NSF / ANSI 61 (potable water) and NSF / ANSI 372 (lead free) rules and certification.  It is safe for use with all potable and non-potable water applications. 

Water & Sewer Costs

The cost for water & sewer has more than doubled over the last 7 years. The reason is our nation's water delivery system is nearing the end of its lifespan.  According to the EPA, this infrastructure needs as much as $655 billion in repairs/replacements over the next 20 years.  This virtually guarantees that your water & sewer rates will continue to rise disproportionately, outpacing the price increases of gas, oil & electric combined. 

Water Meter Accuracy 

Our nation's water delivery system contains a considerable amount of air turbulence in the service lines.   Most water meters are designed to measure the total volume that passes through them.  So that entrained air is currently being billed at the end user's water & sewer rates.  At the same time, water meters can be impacted by random surges and drops in pressure, from the utility company.  Finally, water meters can be jolted by the property going from static pressure (no water being used), to dynamic pressure (opening faucets or flushing toilets). These pressure fluctuations can cause a meter to misread or miscount consumption 

How It Works

Our proprietary water valve is installed on the customer's side of the water meter. It utilizes patent pending technology to create constant back pressure that pushes upstream past the water meter. This back pressure compresses any entrained air bubbles, and insures that only a solid core of water is passing thru the meter.  This back pressure also stabilizes the water pressure in and around the water meter area. This allows the meter to more accuracy track the true consumption.