Green Energy Solutions, Inc. (GES) was established in 2009 and specializes in the Guest Room Energy Management industry.  GES represents Verdant Guestroom Energy Management Systems, an industry leader in guestroom energy management technology and products. A guestroom energy management system is targeted for the hospitality industry, student dorms, military housing, public housing and senior living. Guestroom energy management systems will reduce your heating and air conditioning usage by 30%-45%.

Intelligent Environment Automation: Verdant is the leader in intelligent automation, occupancy-based energy management and IoT technology. Verdant has successfully deployed over 100,000's devices across more than 1,000's properties.

SMART VALVE™: In 2020, Green Energy Solutions partnered with SMART VALVE™, the patented, precision engineered, MONEY and WATER SAVING device for your water system. This simple, yet extremely effective variable flow management device solves a number of problems inherent in your water system that are causing you to overpay for your water. The Smart Valve reduces your overall water and sewage costs by 15%-25%.

Flow Dynamics is not only the INDUSTRY LEADER in flow management technology, SMART VALVE™ INVENTED it!

Since being awarded the original technology patent in 2014, others have tried to imitate the SMART VALVE™ but none have been able to duplicate its success.

Now, SMART VALVE™ has changed the game again. They introduced the world’s first and only EXTERNALLY ADJUSTABLE flow management device! 

This patent pending NEXT GENERATION Smart Valve solves all of the problems inherent in the original SMART VALVE™ design as well as those of other copy-cat designs…problems some people won’t tell you about until it’s too late.

AquaMizer™ Toilet Solution: EcoSense Solutions’ Green Circle rated AquaMizer and Commercial Water & Energy Company. The AquaMizer toilet solution has many unique characteristics for gravity flush toilets with leak detection that includes an automatic shutoff feature incorporated into the design. This feature eliminates continual running and provides the additional benefit of eliminating catastrophic flooding events related to the toilet tank. The AquaMizer will reduce your water costs 20% to 50%.

Varionix Bi-Polar Ionization Advanced Air Purification: Varionix systems, when installed in the existing HVAC systems of buildings or as a standalone unit, actively and efficiently eliminates 99.7% of the microbes, bacteria, viruses, including the COVID 19, and the DELTA VARIANT at the source, from the indoor air, surfaces, walls, and ceilings. In this way, they remove the risk of HVAC systems contaminating entire buildings by delivering and depositing infectious particles. The continuous application of bipolar cluster ions emitted to ambient air is the most effective air purifying technology for decontaminating indoor air safely. This also keeps circulating air actively safe, clean, and free of Odors and VOCs, (Volatile Organic Compounds).