Green Energy Solutions, Inc. (GES) was established in 2009 and specializes in the Guest Room Energy Management industry.  GES represents Telkonet, an industry leader in guestroom energy management technology and products. A guestroom energy management system is targeted for the hospitality industry, student dorms, military housing, public housing and senior living. Guestroom energy management systems will reduce your heating and air conditioning usage by 30%-45%.

Telkonet is the leader in intelligent automation, occupancy-based energy management and IoT technology. Founded in 1999, Telkonet has successfully deployed over 600,000 devices across more than 3,000 properties.

In 2018, Green Energy Solutions partnered with Energy Tech Plus (ETP), a nationwide provider of the Water Pilot valve / A.I. Navigator (24/7 leak detection monitoring system) along with a product line of other sustainable energy retrofits that target every primary area of operation.  These turnkey retrofit services will dramatically reduce the consumption of water and power throughout any facility. The Water Pilot valve will reduce your water bill 15-25% or more.

The proprietary products & technologies utilized are designed to cost effectively lower energy related operating expenses, increase net profits and improve the overall energy efficiencies of a facility.

ETP developed a comprehensive turnkey retrofit process that includes free energy audits, investment grade analysis reports, nationwide installation capabilities, and the processing & submission of any rebate incentives that are available.

Sustainable Retrofit Services for every primary area of operation.

  • Water
  • Electric
  • LED Lighting
  • EXIT Zero Power Signs